Representative Five Wickets In An Innings

Listed below is those who have taken five wickets or more in an innings for a North Otago Senior Representative team.

Right from the start North Otago bowlers where excelling at the bowling crease. In the second innings against South Canterbury on the 23/24 of February 1896, R Hewat and MS Holmes both of the Oamaru Cricket Club, took five wickets each to record a win for North Otago in its very first match.

T Hargraves has taken the best figures in an innings taking 9 of the South Canterbury wickets during a game in the 1925-26 season, while long time North Otago player Anthony Cartwright has taken the most five wicket innings with 13.

1895-1896 MS Holmes 5/28 vs South Canterbury
Robert Hewat 5/21 vs South Canterbury
1902-1903 Fred Ongley 5/23 vs South Canterbury
Fred Ongley 6/37 vs South Canterbury
1903-1904 Robert Hewat 5/32 vs South Canterbury
1904-1905 G Uttley 6/36 vs South Canterbury
1905-1906 Fred Ongley 6/47 vs Otago XI
G Uttley 6/33 vs South Canterbury
1906-1907 Fred Ongley 8/121 vs Otago 2nd XI
1921-1922 T Hargraves 8/46 vs Tapanui
T Hargraves 6/47 vs South Otago
1923-1924 Fred Ongley 8/35 vs South Canterbury
Dennis Blundell 5/28 vs South Canterbury
T Hargraves 5/133 vs Otago XI
Percey Hargraves 5/94 vs Otago XI
1924-1925 ? Bernau 6/27 vs South Canterbury
? Jacobson 6/34 vs South Canterbury
1925-1926 T Hargraves 9/44 vs South Canterbury
1926-1927 A Keith 6/37 vs Christchurch XI
1927-1928 ? Milnes 5/41 vs Southland
Carl Zimmerman 5/4 vs Southland
A Keith 5/37 vs Ashburton County
1928-1929 A Keith 6/37 vs South Canterbury
Fred Carrington 5/14 vs South Otago
1929-1930 ? Walton 5/61 vs Otago XI
1930-1931 Carl Zimmerman 6/54 vs Southland
1931-1932 Cyril Davey 5/17 vs South Canterbury
1932-1933 J Smith 5/37 vs Hawkes Bay
Carl Zimmerman 5/60 vs Canterbury
1934-1935 Jack Maddigan 5/38 vs Otago Colts
1949-1950 R McLaren 5/44 vs South Canterbury
1950-1951 Merv Sandri 5/67 vs Otago Colts
Arthur Cutler 5/18 vs South Canterbury
1951-1952 Nile McDiarmid 6/28 vs South Canterbury
1955-1956 Merv Sandri 5/83 vs Ashburton County
1956-1957 Barry Allen 5/51 vs Dunedin Metro
John Reid 7/20 vs South Canterbury
1957-1958 John Reid 7/50 vs Dunedin Metro
Graham Cowles 5/34 vs Canterbury
Merv Sandri 7/36 vs South Canterbury
John Reid 7/46 vs South Canterbury
John Reid 8/24 vs Ashburton County
John Reid 5/27 vs Ashburton County
Merv Sandri 5/41 vs Ashburton County
1958-1959 Merv Sandri 6/41 vs Southland
1960-1961 Anthony G Cartwright 5/56 vs New Zealand Colts
Graham Cowles 7/62 vs Southland
1961-1962 Anthony G Cartwright 5/98 vs Southland
Merv Sandri 5/42 vs South Canterbury
John Wilson 5/55 vs Southland
Anthony G Cartwright 6/36 vs Central Otago
1962-1963 Anthony G Cartwright 6/61 vs South Canterbury
Anthony G Cartwright 5/58 vs Ashburton County
Anthony G Cartwright 8/82 vs Ashburton County
1963-1964 Allan Grubb 6/50 vs South Canterbury
Rod Mitchell 7/70 vs Canterbury "B"
1964-1965 Alan Sandri 6/35 vs South Canterbury
1965-1966 Norman McKenzie 7/57 vs South Canterbury
1966-1967 Anthony G Cartwright 7/71 vs Southland
1967-1968 Anthony G Cartwright 5/34 vs South Canterbury
1968-1969 Anthony G Cartwright 5/143 vs Hawkes Bay
Robert Mason 5/60 vs Ashburton County
Robert Mason 5/51 vs South Canterbury
Anthony G Cartwright 5/43 vs South Canterbury
Micheal Kennard 7/51 vs Central Otago
1969-1970 Anthony G Cartwright 8/81 vs Southland
Norman McKenzie 5/87 vs South Canterbury
Anthony G Cartwright 6/30 vs South Canterbury
Micheal Kennard 5/27 vs Ashburton County
1970-1971 Allan Holmes 5/103 vs Central Otago
1971-1972 Russell Paul 5/93 vs South Canterbury
Locky Shea 5/75 vs Southland
1972-1973 Merv Sandri 5/62 vs Otago "B"
Merv Sandri 6/69 vs Ashburton County
Locky Shea 5/84 vs South Canterbury
Anthony G Cartwright 5/21 vs Central Otago
1973-1974 Anthony G Cartwright 6/55 vs Southland
D Eckhold 5/40 vs South Canterbury
Locky Shea 7/70 vs Central Otago
1974-1975 Wes Melvin 5/107 vs Southland
Merv Sandri 6/53 vs Central Otago
1975-1976 Robert Mason 6/32 vs Central Otago
Chris Taylor 6/52 vs Otago "B"
Anthony G Cartwright 5/32 vs Ashburton County
Anthony G Cartwright 6/35 vs Ashburton County
1976-1977 Robert Mason 6/44 vs Otago "B"
1977-1978 H Munroe 5/55 vs South Canterbury
H Munroe 5/31 vs Fiji
Ken Thickett 5/106 vs Southland
1978-1979 Robert Mason 6/43 vs Ashburton County
1979-1980 Norman McKenzie 5/33 vs Otago "B"
Neville Donaldson 5/47 vs South Canterbury
1980-1981 Trevor Robertson 5/68 vs South Canterbury
Chris Taylor 5/58 vs Ashburton County
Chris Taylor 7/37 vs New Zealand Brabin XI
Chris Taylor 6/67 vs New Zealand Brabin XI
1981-1982 Greg Martin 5/33 vs Central Otago
Trevor Robertson 5/96 vs Ashburton County
1984-1985 Ian Chapman 6/55 vs Central Otago
Ian Chapman 5/25 vs South Canterbury
1985-1986 Ian Chapman 6/87 vs South Canterbury
Ian Chapman 5/64 vs Central Otago
Ian Chapman 6/94 vs Southland
1986-1987 Ian Chapman 5/63 vs South Canterbury
Ian Chapman 6/60 vs Ashburton County
Graham Ballantyne 5/59 vs Ashburton County
1988-1989 Ash Flannery 5/38 vs South Canterbury
Patrick Bleach 5/35 vs Ashburton County
1989-1990 Kelvin Mansfield 5/40 vs Ashburton County
1990-1991 Shaun Tracy 5/57 vs Central Otago
David Cartwright 5/43 vs Ashburton County
Patrick Bleach 6/65 vs Ashburton County
Patrick Bleach 5/31 vs South Canterbury
David Cartwright 6/51 vs NZ Combined Services
1992-1993 Patrick Bleach 7/47 vs South Canterbury
1993-1994 John Crombie 7/57 vs Central Otago
Neil Rushton 5/34 vs Ashburton County
Stephen Neil 5/48 vs Ashburton County
1994-1995 Kelvin Mansfield 5/54 vs South Canterbury
1995-1996 Craig Wilson 6/74 vs Ashburton County
1997-1998 Keith Gardner 6/94 vs Central Otago
David Sewell 5/59 vs Central Otago
1998-1999 Joshua Munro 5/38 vs Dunedin Metro
David Sewell 5/45 vs Central Otago
David Sewell 6/46 vs Central Otago
2000-2001 Grant Billcliff 5/50 vs Canterbury Country
Glynn Cameron 7/82 vs Central Otago
Steven Ridley 5/37 vs Southland
2001-2002 Neil Rushton 6/42 vs Central Otago
Grant Billcliff 6/38 vs Central Otago
Neil Rushton 5/27 vs Central Otago
2003-2004 S Singh 5/31 vs Southland
2004-2005 Richard Snell 7/71 vs Central Otago
Paul Odell 5/63 vs Canterbury Country
Gavin Strachan 5/41 vs Central Otago
2006-2007 Blair Rawson 5/62 vs Southland
David Sewell 5/49 vs Otago Country
David Sewell 6/4 vs Otago Country
2007-2008 David Sewell 7/22 vs Southland
Jarrod Waldron 5/42 vs Otago Country
2008-2009 David Sewell 5/24 vs Southland
2009-2010 Ben Cant 5/11 vs Southland
Ben Cant 6/30 vs South Canterbury
2010-2011 David Sewell 5/63 vs Otago Country
2011-2012 David Sewell 8/56 vs Southland
2012-2013 Ben Cant 7/38 vs Otago Country
David Sewell 6/62 vs Otago Country
Jordan Horrell 5/67 vs Southland
2013-2014 Francois Mostert 6/47 vs Southland
2014-2015 Francois Mostert 6/23 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 6/40 vs Otago Country
Francois Mostert 5/63 vs Southland
Francois Mostert 5/68 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 5/95 vs Canterbury Country
2015-2016 Ben Cant 5/41 vs Otago Country
Francois Mostert 5/49 vs Southland
Francois Mostert 5/41 vs Southland
Francois Mostert 7/60 vs South Canterbury
Stephan Grobler 5/71 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 5/23 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 7/22 vs Buller
Francois Mostert 6/31 vs Buller
2016-2017 Craig M Smith 5/31 vs Mid Canterbury
Craig M Smith 5/32 vs Mid Canterbury
2017-2018 Francois Mostert 7/28 vs Otago Country
Craig M Smith 5/25 vs Otago Country
Francois Mostert 5/95 vs South Canterbury
Francois Mostert 5/24 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 8/31 vs Mid Canterbury
Francois Mostert 6/63 vs Southland
Nathan Smith 5/32 vs Southland


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